Hold the Child is a non-profit making organization that works alongside vulnerable children in disaster affected and underdeveloped communities. Our commitment to promote the best interest of the child amidst the limited resources has tremendously built our reputation in the communities where we work and our partners. We work in collaboration with other organizations, governments, and a variety of partners to pursue a peaceful, healthy and dynamic society where the rights of children and other vulnerable groups are protected and promoted, while upholding our independence without political agendas.
To us a Child is a unique gift to humanity fully endowed with abilities; that need to be protected, provided for, and given a chance to constructively participate in the development of their society. To this end Hold the Child Programs and projects are designed to focus on Child development & education; and Child & community health. Hold the Child Humanitarian and developmental Programs support families, and communities to meet their obligations to the welfare and development of a child.



To create a peaceful, healthy and dynamic society where the rights of children and other vulnerable groups are protected and promoted.


To strengthen the resilience and capacity of families and communities to meet their obligations to the child through community centered child survival and development initiatives.


Throughout the communities we serve, our staffs and volunteers share common values at individual and team levels: Integrity; Accountability; Faith; Creativity; Collaboration.


Hold the Child Regional Strategy 2017-2021

For Communities to Own, Decide, Act and FlourishWe will pursue 2030 global goals on the African land, and strive for a protective society that advances the children’s rights and vulnerable groups in the region.

Our strategy is to work alongside care takers and communities in the underdeveloped and war-torn regions of Africa to provide hope and build resilience among duty bearers to meet there obligations to the children. Within the strategy we have an ambition to transform 50 townships. Service delivery systems strengthening, Child sponsorship and Grassroots community work are central to our strategy and achieving this ambition.

Over 5 year’s we will;

1. Derive far-reaching impact for vulnerable children and vulnerable groups derive

To realise our ambition, we will focus on specific areas where we can achieve greater local impact and regional transformations.

We will:

  • Respond to local contexts and regional trends.
  • Work where violations of children’s rights are greatest.
  • Champion the scale-up of innovative approaches to addressing the evolving needs among dynamic contexts.
  • Adopt innovative new ways of seeking and directing funds that will have the greatest impact.

2. Lead on Child participation

Across the continent and region children face the work plight in any adverse trends ranging from war, calamities and economic melt downs. The extent is even higher among remote ignorant societies. The Sustainable Development Goals cannot be realise in this part of the world without close attention to this reality.

We will:

  • Work with Boys, Girls, Women and Men everywhere to advance the regional children’s Voice.
  • Extend our reach and become the regional leading Child participation network of advocates.
  • Enhance platforms that offer deeper local awareness and impact for children.

3. Broaden partnerships and harness collaborations

To achieve our ambition, we will harness existing partnerships and seek out new opportunities for collaboration at all levels, in order to expand our reach and grow the regional voice for the children.

We will:

  • Work with local movements and organisations, and strengthening communities’ own influence on the children’s rights agenda
  • Be accountable to those we work with and transparent in how we operate
  • Foster partnerships with local, regional, national and global institutions, the private sector, and other organisations with whom we share our goals
  • Work though national and local network of offices and partnership programs to influence our reach to inspire 50 townships in at least 3 countries in the region.

4. Pool indigenous knowledge and influence change in Child care practices

To transform child care among less privileged townships, we will amplify the use of indigenous knowledge and improve synergies with regional and global standards and practices. Building on our experience working with remote communities to advance optimal child care.

We will:

  • Work with local knowledge hubs and practitioners
  • Undertake programs geared at reinforcing communities to Own, Decide, Act and Flourish outcomes
  • Support communities to hold representative and governments accountable for their elective promises and advance the children’s rights


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