Some of the things you need to know about Hold the Child at your fingertip!


Why the name Hold the Child?

With a mission

“Strengthening the resilience and capacity of families and communities to meet their obligations to the child through community centered Child survival and development initiatives”.

Hold the Child is a wake-up call to all duty barriers to raise up and fit in their contributions to improve survival and welfare of children one at a time

What does Hold the Child do?

All our programes are designed around our Mission. Checkout our programes here: Programes

How does Hold the Child select its Benefitiaries?

Hold the Child works alongside vulnerable children in disaster affected and underdeveloped communities. Depending our project design beneficiaries are targeted through an elaborate criteria under a specific intervention.
More details see our programs here: Our Programes

Who support/funds our projects?

We work in collaboration with other organizations, governments, and a variety of partners to pursue a peaceful, healthy and dynamic society where the rights of children and other vulnerable groups are protected and promoted, while upholding our independence without political agendas. Our funds come from UN agencies, Organisations, Foundations, Individuals, Cooperates Government agencies, and consortia partnerships

Where do you see Hold the Child as an organization in 5 year's time?

Hold the Child operations are based on a rolling Strategic framework (2016-2020) that is hinged on our theory of change.

How can i work with you?

Hold the Child is an equal opportunity employer who give chance to all people, through an elaborate transparent process. Offers are usually advertised on our portal. Check by soonest for updates. Alternatively you can as well subscribe to our emailing list.


How can i Volunteer with Hold the Child?

UPDATING SYSTEM…. Check by soonest.


How can i partner with Hold the Child?

UPDATING SYSTEM…. Check by soonest.


How can i donate to Hold the Child?

Your donations are the backbone of Hold the Child operations. Donate to our causes here: Our Causes


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