As a result of limited access for basic services, cultural practices, natural and man-made disasters, child development is often-times challenged with violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect. As a child rights cantered organisation, focused on protection and promotion of children’s rights; our interventions include:

  • Psycho-social support & Peacebuilding
  • Family tracing & reunification
  • Mine Risk education, Social integration of child Soldiers
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Parenting, Community based child protection and rights monitoring

Psychosocial support & Peacebuilding

Emergencies are characterised with psychosocial distress and trauma especially among children with profound impact on their cognitive development and conduct. Basing on the contexts our program focuses on the provision of recreation activities in child friendly space settings activities including play for peace games, counselling, peer support through clubs, and community based approaches.

Family tracing and Reunification

The rampant displacements and cross broader movement are characterised with children going missing and or unaccompanied; in the aftermath of emergencies/clashes we support rapid registration of missing and or unaccompanied, family tracing, community based foster care support, and reunification of children with families or relatives.

Mine Risk Education, Social integration of child Soldiers

The protracted episodes of violence across the nation has been associated with unexploded ordinances and remains of war (UXO), Recruitment of boys and girls into armed groups and forces. Our program is therefore aimed at: Raising awareness of UXOs to prevent possible explosions and impact of children and communities, And roll-out social integration processes for the various groups upon release from the armed groups and armed forces

Juvenile Justice

In a society evolving from the traditional beliefs and practices, the contemporary common law practices are faces with challenges skilled personnel, facilities among others. Children at conflict with law face the biggest impact of the troubled system and procedures. Our programs therefore focuses on; Awareness and advocacy messaging;
Support litigation processes in courts of judicature; Face-to-face Psychosocial support services for children;

Parenting, Community based Child Protection & Child rights monitoring

It is aimed at inspiring a change in the way child upbringing is handled in our program areas through approaches including:

  • 1. Training and mentoring of care takers through Mother-mother support group models, key messaging through child clubs, media platforms (radio programs etc.),

  • 2. Supporting social structures i.e. local leaders, community workers, churches/faith groups and CBOs, and building the capacity of community based protection networks; through which key child protection messages child rights including rights to life, education for boys and girls, protection are conveyed.

  • 3. Monitoring and reporting on the 6 grave child rights violations associated with armed conflict have been defined i.e. killing and injuries, Recruitment or use of children in armed forces and groups, Attacks on schools and hospitals, Abduction/recruitment, Denial of humanitarian access, Rape or other grave sexual violence. Within our operational areas through a UN managed system.


Safe communities | Safe homes | Enlighted and Involved Parents | Accessible justice for children


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